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I Am A Stone 06:30
I am a stone I am alone I am done for I am the sea You are so warm But our hearts know There is no place for us Forget me I am done for I am nothing I am the sea The world is restless The world is wrong There’s no place for me Skies streaked with pink and alive Can’t see out my right eye This is the morning I might die I was born again in your room You make it good again We must give it up
No Harm 03:09
Once we were free to sink into each others arms Cause no harm to our restless souls We needed to go But I have missed you so Innocent as we were We wanted to see the ugly sides of the earth Innocent as we were We wanted to un-birth something new One kiss from you and your arms I never really held One kiss from you Like I was meant to I was never meant for you
Suffering 02:27
My body drips with morning dew every time I think of you I love you like the sun Your smell is so dense and warm You’re my only one I wish I could see you more Wont you just relieve my suffering Her face is like an angel I know But how can I compete when I am the devil I give you all the badness you need You go back to her sated while here I bleed Wont you just relieve my suffering
I think I’ll wound myself on the kitchen shelf The cut will be so deep I might lose some sleep I’m going off the grid I’m going to grow my own food I’ll rely upon the sun and shun the world The foxes they will come and all our crops are gone Run baby run I feel their vulpine eyes glowing in the night The foxes they will come Run baby run
Hey it is strange This sweet connection forged in the rain Hey don’t you know in another life I might have loved you so But were here and we can deal Let me tell you how I feel I think I’m way too lonely sometimes And I’m drinking too much wine And writing all these lines I get lost in my own mind And if I tell you that I love you don’t you listen to me You, sleeping soundly The tender wind that wakes you just might be me You, so warm and dreamy Let my fragile wings skim your face It makes me happy Don't you tell me it’s not real It’s more than I can feel I can touch it and it doesn’t slip away You are my endless storm But I’ll never feel your warm arms around me
This is our December goodbye The last time I saw you passed out in your shoes I knew then we’d never be best friends The last time I saw you passed out in your shoes I blew your mind with my velvet touch My wanting mouth The two of us Here in my heart your scent remains a stamp of shame An adulterous “A” Everything is lost again So much cocaine and the drinks flow free again We had Manhattans til we couldn’t find our fingers and we just collided My oh my oh my This is our December goodbye


A ccMixter.org project.
All vocals are used under a creative commons license.

Words and Voice - Kaer Trouz
Music and Production - Aaron Santiago

c2011 IFR



released April 9, 2011




Internal Faith Relation Richmond

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