Time Frame

by Internal Faith Relation

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ccmixter.org remix project.

Something to pass the time away.

All vocals are used under a creative commons license.


released October 13, 2008

Words And Voice Tamara Barnett Herrin
Music And Production Aaron Santiago

A Calendar Songs Project




Internal Faith Relation Richmond

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Track Name: Free From Me
‘Good work’, he said
Well its good working with you too
I’ve got a good book to read about
Good looking guys like you

Good stuff to take to bed
Good stuff to dream about
I’ve seen my share of good stuff
So you shouldn’t have to shout

Always lucky-so-lucky
Always lucky-so-lucky

‘Good luck’, he said
Well let me wish the same on you
I’ve got a lot of luck I’m riding on
And I just don’t have a clue

‘Lets work’, you say
‘Lets work it all out very soon’
But I’m hungry for each bone you throw
And so very thirsty too

Always lucky-so-lucky
So far you’re still free from me
Always sweet, always clean
Always saying maybe
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe

You’re always sweet, and you’re always clean
You’re a spit-shine boy
On a spit-shine scene
There’s a trick
In the dice you throw
But you bite down hard on it
You won’t let it show

‘Good times’ he said
Oh, well I’ve never known much else
I’ve been so very blessed you know
I’m sorry for myself

‘Stick out your neck’ you say
I’m giving you advice
Gotta stick it in the hardest place
You never get it right
Track Name: Souvenirs
You’re a fantasy
Monkey in a birdcage
You wrote all over every tear-soaked page

Ache & Shake
Ordinary guy
Dog day on a trampoline
Promise in the turn-ups of your jeans

Oh, there are whistles and bells
In a town called kill, and who’s your friend there?
Oh, there are sinking ships
Kisses on lips
In a town called kill

Salty rooms
Tiger in your dreams
Fairy tales at bedtime
A silver trick that you were slighted by

Put a spider there
Got that goodbye look you gave
Take back all the tidy beds you made

There are souvenirs
Of your forgotten years
There’s a town called kill, and who’s your friend there?
Things you do so well
A spinning top, inside a ringing bell

A town called kill
Track Name: Something Is Nothing
I’m fortune’s stranger
Knife in a mirror
Changeable weather
When its seeding time

Whisper me treason
Jumping and leaving
Something that I’m working
On a turning sign

And I don’t care at all
I build a wall
Waiting for something is nothing at all

I’m a fire fighter
But I’m such a heavy sleeper
Feeling for forever
When its seeding time

Time for a touchstone
Tell me when I can go
Throw me a new curveball
Its a turning sign
Track Name: Remember This
I broke my sugar vow
I opened all the windows
I stood on a weather-vane
Now I’m riding on that white train

I touched the movie screen
I saw a secret pattern
I ate up every bean
Now I’m really levitating

Dreams get stuck in my eyelashes
Love’s a dirty kiss
Give me five or seven, give me loveliness
Let me remember this

I slipped out of my shell
Pulled myself out of the river
I kissed the overreach
Felt like 1986

I undid every dud
Its been so many lifetimes
Last night at the top of the hill
It was really dazzling
Track Name: Suit The Moment
At the footlights
At the average point
As I waver
I cry foolish tears

But I’m feeling lazy
So take the lion’s share
Take the chance away
I don’t want it anymore

Stand up
Stand outside yourself
Stand away from your dreams
Stand apart

But its getting rainy
It’s all but nearly done
Take the chance away
What was all that for?

I hide the fuse from the fire
Lean into the lie
It’s a special thing
Feels like underwater

On the last day
As I wave goodbye
As I’m waving
I cry foolish tears

But in the nighttime
As the sirens call
As I’m waving
Its as perfect as a pearl
Track Name: Red Dress (Storybook)
Lift me up, let me go all silvery
Planets move, while you’re lying next to me
Like the sun, high above
You’re the whip and the glove

Miss me, sweetly
I hide and you find me
See-saw, my toy store
Never know what I’m looking for

Right on top of every wave
Every wave the ocean makes

Take me up, mountains shiver under me
River run, running river over my feet
Like a world, holding me
You’re the clouds and the trees

And I read it in a story book
A tell-tale heart is well understood
And you couldn’t do a thing for me
I’m much past help you see

Hear that sound, fly around the world on a balloon trip
Take my love, double it and triple it
Show my hand its not too bad
Not too soft and not too hard
Track Name: In The End
Reins on my back, bit in my teeth
We wear it all like a garland
You lost your charge, I washed it clean
We say it all in the end

Put your neck to the punishment
Reel around the corners of it
Stranded on an island every long afternoon
I feel reason underneath me
I’m stepping on the reason road
A tree that fell with nothing at the root

Reach for the words, dry off your eye
Wore it all along like a moonstone
Sew up the cut, sigh like a tree
We say it all in the end

Put down each anniversary
Reel around the corners of it
Very few new places to surrender to
I feel reason underneath me
I’m stepping on the reason road
A tree that fell with nothing at the root

You light a fire, jump over it
My ship of dreams on the water-line
Warm up the room, stone in a ring
We say it all in the end
Track Name: Makes Us Two
There was sun
Longest day and shortest night
Take a bus to paradise
See I got my Spanish boots on

There’s sun
Kissing curls and pieces of light
I feel like a crocodile
See I got my leather on

Magic knows us
Magic makes us two
There’s another moon
Deserts and monsoons

There was sun
Yellow stones and opal eyes
Everybody loves a surprise
See you got your Spanish boots on

There’s sun
In the corner of your smile
Something you wash out of your eyes
Crab inside a cradle of night
Track Name: Just The Darkest
I’d run down your gun
If I was a different woman
I’d take a stand
I just can’t get close enough

Doctor Mister Doctor
Its doesn’t feel like it oughta feel
I’m making plans
But plans are what disasters are made of

& It looks like we’re no good for one and other
But I never saw a fool I couldn’t fake

Mind how you kick it in
What have you been drinking?
I’m leaving tracks
Walking round your silhouette

Its in your head
Some things are never easily said
It’s a battle-plan
We love the ones that we can hurt the best

& It looks like we’re no good for one and other
But I never saw a fool I couldn’t fake
& tonight, tonight is just the darkest ever colour
But I never had a choke-hold, a shook I couldn’t shake

I’ve got a feeling
A boat to sail away in
An old tin can
I just can’t get out of this stuff

Oh, mother sugar
It doesn’t feel like it oughta feel
You had a plan
You took that trick and tied it to my tail
Track Name: Underneath A Balcony
Glitter on my white T-Shirt
Snake in a bowl of milk
In brand new jeans
Sunday papers piled up
My white sheets look like a
Frankenstein monster

Hollywood picture book
Inflatable eyeballs
And a happy robot
Sunshine in the shadows
Dinosaur emperors
Eat butter and sugar

Flowers on a balcony
Creamy eternity
Underneath a fruit tree
Can I just get some sleep?
Marching into the spring
Gives me tired feet
Track Name: Compass
Turn to winter
It’s a passing cloud

In a sunray
You’re lifted up and turned around

Can you see
It’s a flower
Stars are a mirror

Climb inside the zodiac

There’s still a kiss deep inside an egg
Half of a way round a third of it
Like a compass

Turn to water
Turn from red to green

Like a sister
Leave it to the green